BST Press: Blood x Sweat x Tears, Vodka Ingredients, and

Photo by  Artiom Vallat  on  Unsplash

In an article titled Science Explains Why Some Base Ingredients Make Better Vodka, author Nickolaus Hines explores the growing diversity in the vodka category. Nowadays, vodka is made by several different ingredients including grapes, wheat, potatoes, rice, corn, and more. And while vodka is technically supposed to be a spirit “without distinctive character, aroma, taste or color,” according to the ATF. Vodka distillers like Wolf Spirit Distillery (our parent company) are changing that narrative.

In the article, BST founder Umberto Luchini explains why we use winter wheat to make BST Vodka.

“Each grain has its own unique characteristics,” says Umberto Luchini, the founder of Blood x Sweat x Tears Vodka. “However, within the same grain, there are no major differences. For us, the soft winter white wheat from the different farms didn’t have major differences.”

It’s an honor to be featured as we take great pride in how we make our vodka. It’s also an interesting story worth a read if you like vodka.

Read the full article here.